What we do to protect wildlife

Everyone can make small concerted efforts to help protect wildlife. Wildlife is increasingly becoming more threatened due to human activity and irresponsibly. The biggest threat to wildlife is habitat loss due to deforestation, overgrazing, farming, development, and pollution. These issues also lead to other problems such as soil compaction, erosion, and desertification.

Wildlife is also adversely affected by the threat of non-native invasive species, which compete with native plants and wildlife for habitats and resources, with some preying directly upon native species. These non-native invasives generally do not have natural predators so there populations grow rapidly and sometimes uncontrollably. You can reduce invasive species by not releasing captive animals into the wild, pulling invasive plants in your yard, and by not buying or planting non-native plants.

By minimizing and more wisely using herbicides and pesticides we can better control the amount of harmful chemicals and toxins released into environmentally sensitive areas, such as streams and rivers. Most of these chemicals take many years to degrade in nature. They have profound, long lasting effects on wildlife and people for years to come. Wildlife, especially amphibians, is vulnerable to these harmful chemicals affecting their growth and reproduction.

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